Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Walk time

It is so nice that the days are getting longer
and it says light later. We are able to resume our
after dinner, burn off steam walks around the block.

It will be really nice when this puddle dries up completely.
The boys always want to throw in rocks and see if they can
walk on water.

They also like to smell the bay leaves that Daddy picks for them.
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Gramma Glor said...

Dear little family. I can't wait to take those after-dinner walks with you and "smell the bay leaves"

Love and hugs

Jake said...

who doesn't like to smell bay leaves. they come by it naturally I stop to smell the bays on every hike.

neal said...

Hi You,

Maggie just showed me how to get on your blog. It is now in my favoraite folder. Now I can ckeck whether Luke likes sand over smores.
Love, Poppy