Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WW: Jump

In honor of Van Halen....It is the "Jump" addition of WW.

Lots of fun in the pool...and many floating devises!

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The ride

We let the boys pick one ride to go on before we left the fair...
And this is what they (Jack) chose...
Not the mini roller coaster or the fun maze with the giant slide...

But the worlds s l o w e s t train.

Seriously, it was painful to watch and it went around the track so many times...

But they had fun...and that is what matters!
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Santa Cruz County fair

Yee haw, last weekend we went to the fair with Uncle Bill and Auntie Kate.
The boys got to milk a pretend cow.

Check out the chickens.

Feed the animals.
(Luke was not having anything to do with feeding the animals....to scary!)

And check out the giant pumpkins! These would make a ton of pies!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WW: bubbles

At long last, Sept 19 to be exact, summer has arrived...just in time for Fall.

Temps are high and all is good...just wish my ear would stop ringing...
and I could get the boys to go to sleep!

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As I mentioned earlier...Luke got another round of 4 stitches.
He was racing a car, not looking where he was going and crashed into an umbrella stand.
The umbrella stand won. Luke's eyebrow did not.

He says that he won't run with out looking again (yeah, right).
Nor did he want to smile for the camera...
But I am loving the hair with the safety ear protection.
This is his second round of stitches...he had 4 on his hand when he was 18 months old and fell on something sharp in the back yard.  We never could find what it was

And it looks like he has a light saber - he wishes!
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Friday, September 16, 2011


Hi, I promise to be back later with more fun pictures, but these past few weeks have been kicking my butt!  And my computer doesn't want me to down load new pix till I get more memory...or something like that. I am STILL having ear problems but no time to get to a dr again.  Luke got his stitches out and is still as rambunctious as ever.  4 stitches certainly does not slow that kid down.  Jack is still liking Kindergarten, tho I am not loving the late arrival to work.  And working a bit at home, when I don't really have time too is challenging.  Loren leaves for his beach trip next week, but thankfully I am getting some extra family help to make it all happen.  UCSC has opened up for the Fall and it is a ginormous amount of cars and people not knowing where they are going messing up the people who do know where they are going.  I am happy that I do not have to work this weekend, like I did last weekend.  It is hard to keep all the balls in the air when I really just want to take a nap, (or play on my hp touchpad).  xoxo

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WW: yikes

Okay, this has nothing to do with Jack looking pensive...
nor will it be wordless.
but, just wanted to let you all know why I haven't posted in awhile.
No pix because we have all be so freaking sick.
Not the boys, thank goodness, but Loren and I.
Sheesh. I am so over this. I have been sick for ages and thought that I might be getting better...
But no....Saturday night at midnight I woke up in incredible ear pain...i even cried.
Instead of going to the SF Giants game with Jake and Diana,
I went to urgent care. So disappointing.
They diagnosed me with an ear infection and I must say that it is the 3rd most
painful thing that I have experienced..
 Now I know how babies feel! OUCH!
Before all of this happened, Loren got major sick...on Wednesday I had to pick him up from his work and take him to the Dr...
Asthma, vertigo and a sinus infection.
Evil sinus infection because I think that this is causing us to be sick!
We are both so tired of this!
However, I do think that we are keeping Kleenex in business!
Please send good wishes for health because it is something I haven't seen since July!
Sorry for the vent, but its just what going on!
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Thursday, September 1, 2011


This was the boys first time bowling (at Duncan's b'day party)
and my second time.
The first time I bowled was when my mom and step dad were dating...a million years ago when I was 10.
I have not improved since then, but it was a lot of fun!
Loren didn't bowl cuz he was/is still sick.
(he went to the Dr yesterday and was diagnosed with vertigo, a sinus infection and severe asthma - great - but is on the road to recovery now)

The kids had bumper up.
I would like bumpers too!

Jack loved it! Luke did not...till we were almost done and then he decided to give it a try.
Definitely something we want to do again soon!

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