Sunday, August 30, 2009

Foggy beach

So it was over 100 degrees yesterday....and today we have fog (at least at the beach)
It was so great to be coldish! We drove down from the sun in Bonnydoon to this...foggy goodness.

For living near the ocean we certainly dont get down the beach nearly enough.
It is a great time, digging in the sand making big holes and stomping on sand castles.
Luke loves the water!

I made Jack at least put his big toe in the ocean and he did pretty good.
He put maybe his whole foot (only once) in the water.

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The end of the day at the beach

Luke had a wonderful time playing in the water at the beach.
It had been foggy the whole time, till it was time to go home (lunch time)

Luke played in the water and then rolled in the sand.
Jack rolled in the sand to get Luke to follow suit.

here is the wharf that was socked in with fog in the morning.
All in all a perfect "day" at the beach!
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Escape the heat

Yesterday, we high-tailed it up the mountain to the oasis of Aunt Kate and Uncle Bill.
It was 10 degrees cooler at their house...only 90. But they have air conditioning!

We had a great time and the boys really enjoyed playing with water - hoses and sprinklers abound!

Jack used to be afraid of running thru the sprinklers, but not anymore!
We got to enjoy the evening outside while the boys played in the water.

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Highland park

When it is a million degree's out (over 100) it is important to go to a park that has shade.
Most parks are all in the sun and impossible to visit when it is so warm out.
It is amazing how hot a slide can get.

This is the only park in SC county or really anywhere that is shady.
It is a great park that we tend to forget about.

Good slides and a fun climbing wall.
Also nice shady trees everywhere!

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

California water park

After having such a great time in Spokane, Washington at the water parks...we finally found one in Santa Cruz County.
Actually, we found two but the second one in Castro Valley has been closed for 2 years due to the water restrictions.

However, at Highlands Park in Ben Lomond....there is a mister at the park.
One, sad mister that is really hard to get to work.
Kids can not push the button, (it is really hard to push) so the adults must stand there pushing the button repeatedly.

It feels really, really good!
Did I mention that it is over 100 degrees today!
We are melting!

But the lowly mister at the park was a big hit.
Jack, however, said that he wanted to go back to the BIG water parks in spokane.
Im with him!
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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Here are a few random pix from my drive down Hagar on my way home from work.
It is freaking hot here. I woke up to 43, but now it is in the 90's!

I love the cows (and these are really hot cows).
They are on campus most of the year...they were gone for awhile and I dont know why,
but I was happy to see them back again last spring.

They sky really looks like rain!

UCSC used to be an old cattle ranch, many moons ago.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - blue tongue

Jack wants to show off his crazy blue tongue that matches his eyes...go gene simmons
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hammer time

I read this great blog called "no time for flash cards".
Allie blogs about her great crafts for preschoolers to do and she takes pictures of her
adorable son doing the activity.
I have used quite a few of her crafts and this is one of them.

The boys are hammering golf tees into a giant Styrofoam container (thanks to Omaha steaks)

I thought it might hold their attention for more then 5 minutes....and it did!
At first, Jack started it and immediately asked, "what are we doing next?"
but then he really go in to it (for 10 minutes) and then power tools were introduced.
And afterwards we pushed them all out with pliers so it was even more fun for them!

Thanks, Allie

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday food

I really like to try out new recipes...even on unsuspecting party guests!
I make the Pennsylvania Dutch potato salad from a cooking light recipe and it was great!
Way more labor intensive then I had imagined, so I spent a lot of the party in the kitchen, till it was lunch time.
But It was really, really good and goes back to my Penna dutch roots.
My dad said that my Nana would have been proud.

Here is a link to the recipe

I did not make the cake...someday I will attempt it, but I am not the best baker.

Here is the whole plate - hamburger, potato salad and chips - a perfect summer meal!
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Luke thru the years? All 2 of them...

Here is Luke at his first birthday party...he wasnt walking yet.

And here are 2 other pix of him before he was one. Sadly, I can not find any pictures of his birth...
I was a little busy at the time...

Happy birthday to Luke

My little boy is two years old today

He made the choice to play with his new drill rather then eat his cake!

He loves power tools!

Jack loves power tools as well, but likes cake even more!
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Technical difficulties- operater error

I have been trying and trying to post some pix o Luke since today is my baby's birthday.
Lukie lu is now 2! are some pix of thomas the train~