Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poor kitty

One of Lukes favorite pastimes it torturing the cat...
Amazingly enough, Tbone does not strike back as Luke
pinches him, squeezes him and tries to mash him into the carpet.

Tbone is happy that we are not having any more children and
he is not very happy with the ones we have. I bet he would even
trade them in on a few dogs.
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Daddy time

Here are my buddy computer engineers. They are watching old time cartoons that L remembers from his childhood. Something about a banana and a dog, I think?

Sorry I havent updated lately, but life has been a little hectic. Luke was really sick with a cold and then Jack has had another ear infection...I ended up with Lukes cold and after 2 weeks I am finally feeling better. My mom has been sick too and ended up with hives...Everyone is stressed!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's coming...

Can you believe that there are 36 more days till Christmas. 36 more days...I find that fact frightening! So much to do, no time. Last year I schlepped a 3 month old Luke out shopping with me. At 14 months, he is no longer shopping friendly. He crys, wiggles out of the stroller, kicks things and pulls at the mechanise. Jacks not a big shopper either... And, I have no idea what to get people this year, nothing, nada, not a clue. L doesnt like to give gift certificates, but thats looking like the only way to go. I am so tired of giving boring ole shirts.

The boys are really easy, a little too easy, to shop for. Why is it that they always want to play with one toy at the same time. Luke has tractor marks on his forehead where Jack smacked him with it as not to share...

I do love everything else about xmas...the tree, the lights, the food, the cookies, fire in the fireplace and above all, family!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

And he is off...

I came home on friday to find Jack "new" bike parked on the deck.
I had hoped to give it to him when he completed potty training, but I forgot to tell this to L.
L was trying to kill time till I got home and the bike was an excellent diversion.
Considering that it has been 80 degrees out this weekend, it is perfect bike riding weather.

Can you belive that it is the middle of November and 80 degrees!! I just put away all of their summer stuff last weekend...

Anyway, Jack was liking his bike and did really well on it. One of L's parents from school gave it to us last year for Jack which was VERY nice! The next day he rode again for a little while but decided that it made it butt hurt too much. And that is with a diaper.

Notice that he has his head turned looking at something...unfortunely, he does this a lot. What is behind him is more interesting then the parked car in front of him. Ugh.
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Friday, November 14, 2008


What dat, Mommy?
A box, Jack.
What dat, Daddy?
An empty box, Jack
What dat, Mommy?
Everything now is "What dat?" and "Why?"

We need to go pick up Daddy, Jack.
Pick up Daddy, pick up Daddy, why?
So he can come home, Jack.
Why come home?

"No home" is another popular phase "No go home"
Apparently, he is tired of his toys and beating up his brother and does not want to come home.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My hero

This morning I was getting ready for work when I heard a pop then gushing sound. Not a good thing. I thought that maybe L had turned on the water in the kitchen, but he was getting Jack dressed. A pipe had burst. Bad news. L had to turn off the water and go under the house...2 of his least favorite things to do. He called me by 9am and had fixed the whole thing!
I now realize that I have hardly any current pictures of L. This one is our wedding anouncement with me cropped out.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lukes cold

Poor Luke has been sick since Friday night. He has a cold.
I took him to the doctor today...but nothing you can do for a cold.
None of us are sleeping as Luke coughs all night long. All night long...we are very, very tired.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

pumpkin soup

I found this recipe on the blog of another Jan 06 mom, JL, that I like to read. Pumpkin Soup and Ham & Cheddar Scones The link to the recipe doesnt seem to be working right now, but check it out later and see if it is up. We all really liked the soup, except Jack. It has mushrooms in it which give it a sort of meaty taste. I love the scones...you can not go wrong with ham, cheese and butter!

I am discovering that Jack and Luke do not like the same dinner foods and it is really annoying. Jack likes fried rice, eggs, and ham. Luke hates them, but loves potatoes, mac & cheese, quesadillas and most pasta. Jack hates them... They do both love sweet stuff, dinosaur chicken bites from costco and toast. Typically, one will eat the dinner and one will not with Jack being the more picky eater.
And Luke will not keep a bib on...or socks...
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Long week...

This was quite a week. I finished most of my outreach and have no more scheduled presentations to do! Yeah! My car is happy about it too as I've put lots of miles on it going to the Monterrey area. I also smashed my bumper when I got lost at a school and couldn't see the fire hydrant that I back into trying not to drive of a cliff. Then my sun roof decided to leak in all the crazy rain we had last week...I didn't discover it until after all the rain. Luckily, my very handy husband was able to fix it with no problem. Glad driving is over! I was looking forward to a relaxing Friday night with a freezer dinner and glass of wine, but Jack had other ideas. Poor little guy got yet another ear infection. He was sleeping till I got home from work and then he cried and cried. Off we went to Urgent Care. ( I love Urgent Care - so great to have a place to take sick kids on weekends and after house) It wasn't very busy, but I think they only had one doctor cuz the whole thing to 3 hours. Jack pleading with me to go home and "no doctor, ear all better" the whole time. So now we are going the penicillin route. Then at 11 pm Luke woke up screaming...he now has a delightful cold complete with lots of snot, sneezing and hacking cough. Im sure L and I are next in line to get sick...This has been a crazy year for sickness and it is back again. I'll try to get some more pix up soon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New pres

I am really excited about Obama winning! I know that change will take a long time and that he will have a rough road ahead of him, but I feel like he will be a GREAT president. And as a bonus...NO MORE COMMERCIALS for election stuff!! Horray!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kit chow

Jack's favorite movie (only movie for that matter) is Cars. He says "watch race car" many times a day. We limit him to once a day at the very most. He has never been one to watch a lot of tv so this race car thing is kinda nice. I can clean up the kitchen, read my favorite blogs, take a shower...the list goes on.

He can sit still for about an hour till he has to get up and move some cars around. It is a still a sitting record for him.

Cars is a great movie...I am starting to quote all the lines. Luckily, i still find it funny and get a little choked up when Lighting helps King finish his last race.
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