Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ode to spicy beef jerky

Does anyone know what has happened to the hot & spicy beef jerky that they used to sell at Costco?

I go thru jerky phases and have not bought the stuff in awhile. Usually, I completely forget about beef jerky till we go to my dads house. They always have teriyaki beef jerky cuz he has a very nice wife! Dad forgets about it and then we visit and eat it all up. I get my fix, but I like the spicy one best.

This time I decided to buy my own jerky and off we went to costco...they dont seem to sell hot and spicy anymore. Bummer!

And, I really miss lays dill pickle chips.

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Grandma Trish said...

Hi Stacie,
The Danville Costco still has it. You have a package waiting for you.