Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy bees

We have been really busy the last few days and I keep forgetting to take pictures.

Friday, Luke and I went to visit my mom to make sure that she is still alive. It was great to see her and it will be even better when she can stand for more then five minutes and gets more color in her cheeks! Tho she is improving and will get better!! Luke was thrilled to see poppy and nonna and didnt want to leave. I was trying to get Lukes shoes on and he was pulling up his little chairs to sit by poppy while he ate his lunch.

Yesterday, we left the house bright and early to go canvasing for Measure B in the Cupertino school district. It was really, really hot and we did lots of walking and strollering. Luckily Loren picked a route that had a park on it so that the boys could play. Then we bought a really nice roll top desk from one of Lorens co-workers. Then after naps we headed out to the beach to see Uncle Jake. He was having an all day bon fire party. It was really fun and the boys loved playing at the beach and eating their first smores that jake made for them. Luke ate a ton of sand...he would just put his whole face in the sand and start chewing. It was every where... in his ears, nose and mouth and as soon as Loren cleaned him up he would do it again.

Today we attempted getting the materials to build our garden. The boys had other plans and pretty much Luke spend most of the day throwing tantrums and not listening. We ended up taking them to a park to burn off some steam, but once again, Luke was not happy and spent a lot of time screaming. Finally, nap time came. We LOVE nap time!

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