Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Walk time

It is so nice that the days are getting longer
and it says light later. We are able to resume our
after dinner, burn off steam walks around the block.

It will be really nice when this puddle dries up completely.
The boys always want to throw in rocks and see if they can
walk on water.

They also like to smell the bay leaves that Daddy picks for them.
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy bees

We have been really busy the last few days and I keep forgetting to take pictures.

Friday, Luke and I went to visit my mom to make sure that she is still alive. It was great to see her and it will be even better when she can stand for more then five minutes and gets more color in her cheeks! Tho she is improving and will get better!! Luke was thrilled to see poppy and nonna and didnt want to leave. I was trying to get Lukes shoes on and he was pulling up his little chairs to sit by poppy while he ate his lunch.

Yesterday, we left the house bright and early to go canvasing for Measure B in the Cupertino school district. It was really, really hot and we did lots of walking and strollering. Luckily Loren picked a route that had a park on it so that the boys could play. Then we bought a really nice roll top desk from one of Lorens co-workers. Then after naps we headed out to the beach to see Uncle Jake. He was having an all day bon fire party. It was really fun and the boys loved playing at the beach and eating their first smores that jake made for them. Luke ate a ton of sand...he would just put his whole face in the sand and start chewing. It was every where... in his ears, nose and mouth and as soon as Loren cleaned him up he would do it again.

Today we attempted getting the materials to build our garden. The boys had other plans and pretty much Luke spend most of the day throwing tantrums and not listening. We ended up taking them to a park to burn off some steam, but once again, Luke was not happy and spent a lot of time screaming. Finally, nap time came. We LOVE nap time!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome spring

I finally planted a few plants on the deck and it feels very spring like...tho
not so much in the morning when everything is covered in frost.

Today I called in sick to stay home with the boys, my mom (my usual wednesday gal)
is still sick but hopefully getting better. We had a fun time going to the park. Parks are wonderful places
for the kids to play and the parents not to worry too much. I still spend a fair amount to time following Luke
around to keep him from falling and putting his hat back on. It is nice to see Jack able to play with out any help at all.
He can jump from amazing heights and Luke just looks at him with envy.

I have to ply them with sun screen cuz they are the most fair, pale white little boys. The weather is really warm and the sun bright. On the way home Luke was so tired he didnt eat lunch and passed out in the car and has been sleeping for 3 hours which is good cuz I have been working from home.

It is a much nicer place to be then at work!
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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Can you believe that this mild mannered cat can curl up to
sleep on top of a pile of dirt.

Luke was enthralled and couldnt wait to grow a kitty!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring

Today is the first day of Spring.

I love spring! It has felt like spring ever since daylight savings happened 2 weeks ago. (I hate daylight savings... too hard to change the schedules of 2 small boys)

The days have been warm and sunny and when I get out of the car after work it smells like jasmine and sun. The trees and flowers are starting to bloom and I am thinking about a garden. I really would like to have one this year but Im not sure I will have the time or energy.

We've been able to take the boys for walks around the block after dinner again and it is really nice. Luke is very good about holding some ones hand and they both like to pick up rocks and splash in any remaining puddles (such boys). It is amazing to think that last year Luke was in a stroller!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy St Paddys Day!

Okay, this is a bit late, but happy green day.

Actually, I wouldn't have even remember that is was St Paddys day if Loren hadn't reminded me to put the boys in green. Luckily, they have a few green articles of clothing that are Jack approved (truck or race car shirt).

I, on the other hand, discovered that all I have are a pair of bright, Kermit green socks. I wore them most of the day, but they are woollen and very warm for a 75 degree day out. I traded them in for flip flops.

I did make corn beef and cabbage. I had never made it before and was surprised how easy it was.

I just put it in the crock pot, dumped the seasoning pack it over it and added potatoes, carrots, some celery and poured water over the whole thing to just cover the potatoes. Then I set it on low for 8 hours. I cut up a cabbage and added it when there was 1.5 hours left to cook.

It was delicious!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Peek a Luke

I am very, very biased as I am his mother, but is this not the
cutest boy in the entire world! Overlooking the fact that now we have one more thing that needs to
be blocked while we visit Auntie Kate and Uncle Bill so that
master inquisitor Luke does not escape in to the forest.
My mom has been very sick for going on 4 weeks now (get better Mom, we miss you!)
so Aunt Kate has volunteered to take the boys on the past few Wednesdays.
She sent me this pix and a few other potty pix that I wont post but use for blackmail at a later date. Jack is still not into it at all, but Luke loves to use the potty.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ode to spicy beef jerky

Does anyone know what has happened to the hot & spicy beef jerky that they used to sell at Costco?

I go thru jerky phases and have not bought the stuff in awhile. Usually, I completely forget about beef jerky till we go to my dads house. They always have teriyaki beef jerky cuz he has a very nice wife! Dad forgets about it and then we visit and eat it all up. I get my fix, but I like the spicy one best.

This time I decided to buy my own jerky and off we went to costco...they dont seem to sell hot and spicy anymore. Bummer!

And, I really miss lays dill pickle chips.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Have a nice trip

There is a girl at my work who just had her second baby.
She has 2 under 2 and we all know how hard that is!
A week before coming back to work from maternity leave
she tripped on a toy and fractured her arm.

Can you believe that...tripped on a toy on the floor...

A mom with small children and many, many toys on the floor.
While we have tripped and swore at the toys on the floor,
luckily no one has had to go to the emergency room - yet.

Jack wants you to "be careful" with all the stuff on the floor.
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Friday

Luke and I just want to wish everyone a happy weekend.
We are really hoping that it will not rain.
We get to be home right now at 2:30 on a Friday because I have run out of people to watch my kids!
My poor mom has been sick for 3 weeks! She typically takes Luke on fridays...
I have been so lucky to have as much help as I have taking care of the boys when we work, but today wasnt one of those days.
My father in law took Luke for the morning, but he has a birthday to prepare for so I left work early to pick up Luke who is napping while I work. I am happy I get to make up the hours at home.
And, Mom, I really hope you are feeling better soon...like now! No fun being sick!
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a difference a few days make

It is hard to believe that just Saturday we were at the beach.

It is funny to see the differences between the boys. Jack is so cautious and careful and Luke just goes for it. We were walking along a path heading up to the lighthouse at Seabright beach and Luke was just itching to run free and get as close to the ledge as he possible could. Jack kept warning him and me to not get to close, we might fall on to the rocks and into the ocean. He had a firm grip on my fingers. Jack and I had a fun time looking for shells and all the boys jumped off the very small sand dune that Loren had made.

Now, it has done nothing but rain for the last 4 days... Being stuck inside a small house with 2 wound up boys is not a lot of fun. They are literally bouncing off the walls, couch, beds, etc. Jack is showing us his independence by saying "no" to everything and Luke is following suit. I have been really tired and none of us are in good moods.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is a little late, but I wanted to publicly say what I am giving up for lent so you all can hold me accountable!

I am giving up desserts...only the kind after dinner. Loren gave me a cupcake that he kids had made in their cooking class and instead of turning it down, I waited till the next day and had it as a post breakfast treat! Yummy nutella cupcake with colorful sprinkles inside!

I am also giving up fast food french fries. We have been taking Jack to McD's to get a happy meal a little too often. He LOVES them, tho he doesnt eat a whole lot of it. He seems to like the idea of a happy meal and toy. We are going to try and not go anymore, but sometimes you just need a really fast meal in the car and dont have time to make one at home. I love their frenchfries... and really do not need to eat them if I ever want to get back to my pre-preg weight...or at least closer to my pre-preg weight. So if we do go...no fries for me.

When is lent over?