Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sunriver, OR

And now we move on to the colder/wetter part of our vacation.
Thankfully, Loren bought this canopy right before we left...keeping us fairly dry.
And luckily it was only cold at night.

Our first night included major rain, thunder, lightning and a bit of hail....from 1am to 2:30 am...
(the boys slept thru it!)
Notice the waffle iron in the above was used to make paninis....lots of super duper yummy paninis!!!
If you have one at home...please try it!!!!
I like my ham and swiss panini with strawberry jelly.
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Maggie said...

Is this some kind of portable waffle iron??

stacief said...

just a regular ole waffle iron! Soooooo yummy!

Maggie said...

So what does it plug into? Do you have some kind of generator?