Friday, July 13, 2012

Lake Couer D'Alane

I have one anyone out there reading blog anymore?
I know I gave it up for a while, and am wondering if it is worth it to keep updating it?

Anyway, last time we were here, 2 years ago, they wouldn't even put their feet in the water...
my how they have grown!

I had to tell Jack many a time his is out way too far (since he can not swim!)
It was a great day for a swim and Loren and I were wishing we had our swimming suits too!

It was a such a beautiful lake and the day had some cloud cover so it wasn't too hot!

I think that the boys could have played there forever!

Ive decided that while I wouldn't really want to live in Spokane...CDA is pretty nice!
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Anonymous said...

I read them Stace. I check EVERY day (and I did notice that you hadn't posted anything since Luke's graduation, but I kept checking just the same) and I enjoy the updates greatly. Loves J

Maggie said...

I love your blog! And I call Neal to come look and we ooh and ahh and laugh. But I understand that it can be just one more thing you have to do.....and you're not sure it's worth it. Maybe just do it one day a week and name the day so we know when to look. (I read another blogger who only writes on Mondays.)
Of course, when you're far away on vacation, I'd hope you'd write more.
BTW I have a vivid image of Monnie standing on the shore waving angrily and shouting "You're out too far".

Jake said...

both D and I check it regurally there are always more pics here than what you put on facebook, more explanation of what you guys did too.

grandma Trish said...

I check your blog at least 4 times a week to see what's new and going on. I agree with Jake about you posting more pics and comments on the blog. I love it but I do understand about it being time consuming.