Thursday, July 12, 2012

Green Bluff, WA

One of our first outings in WA was a trip to Green Bluff

Did I mention that it was hot, really hot!
But it was fun to see the animals, pet the donkeys, and check out the produce.

It is a beautiful place!
They were doing Upick strawberries and next week after we are gone are the cherries.

I had been hoping for cherries, but found some delicious ones pre-picked in a store.
They are almost gone.

We also stopped by this candy shop where a lady (Ellie) makes all of her candy by hand.
(I picked this stop out for my FIL because he has quite the sweet tooth)
She specialized in caramels and they are AMAZING, seriously the best caramels ever, and they don't even stick to your teeth! Ellie is very generous with the samples and has all varieties of caramel to try.
Huckleberry and sea salt were my favorites!
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