Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jelly Belly factory

On the first leg of the Fontinell Family Vacation (FFV), we went to the jelly belly factory.

This year we actually took the tour.
They do not let you take pictures inside the factory so that everything remains secret!

It was fun to do once, but don't think we'll need to do it again.
We did pick up 5 bags of belly flops that we are now handing out to the people we are visiting on our vacation!  It was buy 3 get 2 free!
Tho still a better deal at costco!

Every year I take a pix of the boys by the car...been 3 times now and I will have to see if I can post all 3 of them.
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Carolyn Jung said...

Did you buy a bag of the Belly Flops, the misshapen ones they can't sell? Such a bargain and they still taste great. ;)