Saturday, July 14, 2012

Riverfront Park

Yeah!  I do have some readers!  I'll keep it up.  It is much easier now that I have stuff to post...
regular life is pretty repetitive but I'll try to find more stuff to blog about!

I must say that Spokane has been having record heat...
I love the heat, but this is getting a bit ridiculous!

We went to Riverfront park to cool down a bit.

They have an awesome fountain that every one comes to play in.

Sadly, the boys sat on these water rocks forever waiting for them to turn back on...15 minutes later and they were still not on and the boys refused to go in the rest of the fountain....
As soon as we changed them back to real clothes...the rocks turned back on!
Instead, we went to ride the carousel! And then across the street to eat the worst sushi ever!
Every few years we give sushi a go in Spokane, but it is a definite NO!
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