Friday, August 13, 2010

My 2nd worst nightmare

Okay, my really worst nightmare is something happening to my family, of course.
but my second worst nightmare would to be on a fishing boat covered in fish!
 I HATE fish (except for eating them) and they totally freak me out!

My dear husband spend a summer in Alaska working on a tender boat.
A tender boat collects the fish from the fishing boats and takes it to the processing plant.
( I should clarify the my dear husband is the guy in the above picture holding the fish and not the guy below sitting on the fish.)

He worked his butt off that summer living/working on the boat and made enough money to go to SJ State 
to get his teaching credential!  But in a million years, for a million dollars, I could not do it!
He's a good man!

Alaska in the summer means that the sun hardly ever sets!

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