Sunday, August 15, 2010


We decided to beat the cold weather and make our way to Murphy's for the weekend.
My Aunt and Uncle have a house there and it is 90 degrees! Yeah!
I went on yelp and found a family friendly winery to visit.
They have a beautiful picnic area with a big pond with ducks....and my dreaded fish.

The boys loved feeding the fish with food provided by the winery.
I think it was dog food, and there were literally tons of trout.
Well fed trout by the time we left.

The winery also provided sausages and hot dogs, as long as you buy a bottle of wine!
It was a great time at Indian Rock Winery!

and so warm that Jack and Luke dumped water on their heads!
shortly after this our van died...we got it back to Bill and Kate's with much smoke coming out the engine.
Loren is spending the rest of his vacation locating, buying and installing a new radiator.
Hopefully we can leave tomorrow, tho I wouldnt mind staying longer in this warm paradise!
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