Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hanging in the yard

One of Loren's parents from school gave us this play structure a few years ago
and now the boys are old enough to enjoy it!

they can "swing" or fly threw the air as they call it.

We pretty much let them play by themselves in the back yard,
but try to keep an ear out for help.
Ususally it is just Jack crying because Luke hit him with something..
but a few days ago it was Luke crying help as he had climbed to the top and was
hanging off the monkey bars.
Jack can do it with now problem, but Luke's legs are too too short.
Totally terrifying, but Loren caught him in time to prevent him crashing to the ground.
Thankfully he was scared too and said he wouldnt do it again.
In fact, he decided to play in the house after that...and I was happy about it!
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