Monday, August 30, 2010

Dennis the Mence

You can't quite tell, but the boys are standing in front of a Dennis the Menace statue at the entrance of a giant play ground.
It is in Monterrey and it is cool!
Big bridge to run across and lots of slides.
It is so big that it is easy to loose a child...especially when there are two of them!
Luckily, Jack likes to stay close to us so he comes back quickly!

This water fountain lion head is a big hit to keep the boys hydrated.

And, of course, every cool playground has a giant train to explore!
There is also a rock climbing wall!

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Grandma Knabb said...

what a great looking park. We will have to go with you guys some time. Keep up the great pics.

Anonymous said...

I agree keep up with the great pics. Every morning I check your blog for updates. I know I don't post comments everyday but I can assure you that I've been here. Loves J

stacief said...

thanks! I really makes me feel good to know that you all like it! Love you both!