Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stuck in the house

I am still really having problems with blogger...I hope they get it fix or it actually may be the end of the blog.
While I can now get pictures (i hope), it is not easy or in the order that I want!

Here are a few pictures of Monday, when we were still trapped in the house.

The boys had quite a good time "playing" together.

They had a lot of fun dancing with cars in hand.

Hiding under the blanket (my personal favorite game)

More dancing - trying not to bash themselves into the wood burning stove!

And now the wrestling begins...

till someone gets hurt.

Luke really can hold his own, but he doesnt fight fair...a bit too much biting!


Jake said...

jack looks like he is becoming quite the ham it looks likes like from these photos

Grandma Knabb said...

It is great to see the boys playing together so well. They are really becoming close. I can't wait to see all of you on Sunday. Hope the rain stops soon. It does look like Jack is starting to pose for pictures. They both look so cute.

stacief said...

At least he is better about not looking so goofy when I take a picture...If I ask him to smile, I get the funny face. Just got to catch him o natural! Sunday shouldnt be rainy, we are looking forward to seeing you all then!!

Amy said...

What cuties!!

BTW- We just switched to WP and it has saved me from some major headaches I was having on Blogger. I am sure you can move everything over there and have something that would be easier to update.

Thank you so much for your comment today!!

Maggie said...

Don't even think of ending your blog!!!!