Friday, January 15, 2010

Right before bed...

They boys got a "treat" of watching 10 minutes of Americas Funniest Home Videos before bed and I got to take a rare photo with Luke next to Toonces...he is slowly being nicer to the kitty. Very slowly.

This pose really shows the boys different personality's.
Jack in intent on the tv and holds his body much closer together.
Luke, on the other hand, is all spread out and had a 3 minute attention span on the TV.
AFV is one of the few shows that luke likes...that and Max and Ruby.

I finally get Jack to smile at me with out making a silly face.
(not such a great pix of the cat...sorry toones)

Luke in his typical manner of no more pictures...sadly he does this way too much.
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Anonymous said...

We watch AFV every Sunday night together as a family and laugh our butts off. The short segments should make it easier to keep Lukes attention since things are always changing. Loves. J

Grandma Knabb said...

Great pictures. you are so right, their personalities are so different and it is very appearant. Can't wait to see all at Jacks Bday.