Thursday, January 28, 2010

New shoes...finally

I have been trying (as well as grandma honey and grandpa dick)
to get Jack to approve of a new pair of shoes...or even an old
pair of 2nd hand shoes. It has been a tough battle.

I finally found these VANS at Kohl's (and spent way too much money on them)
but they fit his specifications for buckles and flames.
He wasn't totally impressed, but he has to wear them.
I have always loved VANS an have worn them since I was 14...I
really wish that they made such cool shoes in grown up sizes, cuz if they did,
Jack and I would have matching shoes!

Here is what the bottoms look like...Jack fell down and Luke wanted to help him stay there!
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maggie said...

The last few times Jack's been at my house, he's made sure to show those shoes to everybody (me, Poppy, Leode, Bill, the mail lady (no, not her, just joking). So I think he likes them quite a bit.