Monday, January 4, 2010

First picture of 2010

Okay, this is a really bad picture...but I took it first thing on January 1, 2010.
The boys are watching Max and Ruby. Jack is very intent on the TV, hands clasped and everything.
Luke on the other hand has his pacifier! Not sure why, cuz that isn't supposed to leave the bedroom.
He is looking at me and his hand is poised to say no more pictures!
The cat is sitting between them and you can just see his head...
Since this picture Luke is no longer allowed to touch the cat or even look too much in his direction, because he is too mean to the poor cat.
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Anonymous said...

I love Max and Ruby but I hate how Ruby's voice isn't consistant. They've must have had 100 different people do her voice. Jack is so cute, I love the clasped hands. Don't even think of stopping this blog, I check it every day. I will try and be better about posting but I love getting updates about you and the boys this way. I would be SAD if you stopped. loves, J.