Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oatmeal playdoh

I thought that oatmeal playdoh sounded like a good idea. Jack likes to cook and play with playdoh so i thought it would be a good combination.

Luke could get in on it too with a little stirring and since it is oatmeal it is non toxic so Luke could eat it with out me freaking out and telling him no 50 thousand times.

I found a recipe on the internet and the boys needed a diversion from hitting each other so we gave it a whirl.

What I learned it that oatmeal play doh is very sticky. Jack does not like to get dirty and sticky was hard for him to handle. He kept wanting to wipe his hands off on a towel...make the towels a giant sticky mess. I spray oiled his hands (often) and that made it a bit better.

Luke eventually got bored and wondered off after eating his fill.

Jack managed to stay with it and created

this lovely waterfall? Yep, that is what he calls it..."look at my waterfall, Mommy". Great waterfall, Jack.

Anyway, it never really hardens up and Jack didnt like getting so we probably won't do this project again.
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