Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, my sweet Jack

My Jack is 3 years old today!!
I can not believe how quickly the time has gone.
Jack was very excited about his party with "lots of people"
and kept asking for his birthday cake.

We had a Cars theme...of course.

He got shy when everyone sang to him and needed a bit of help
blowing out the candles. If I hadnt helped he might have spit them out
and no one would want any cake but him....might have been a ploy by him to
eat the whole cake himself.

He thanks everyone for coming and all of his wonderful presents!
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nonna said...

It was a lovely birthday party. Beautiful day, good food, loving family feel, and Jack at his birthday best...sweet, polite (for three!) and full of fun! Thank you for a great time!!

Your Husband said...

"My" Jack?! I'm pretty sure he is "our" Jack.

Grandma Trish said...

It was a great party. Everything was wonderfull. The boys looked great. Hope to see you again soon.

stacief said...

We had a great time celebrating "our" boys b'day. It was made even better to have such wonderful family and friends to share it with!