Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jacks speech

While Jack seems to be talking up a storm, saying funny things and making us wonder where he is picking up these new words...he is tough to understand. Loren and I do a lot of translating. On Tuesday we had a meeting with the SLV school district speech therapist and after playing with Jack for an hour and asking us questions, she is putting him forward for more speech therapy... I had been looking forward to having more free time with the boys when speech therapy stops (services from the state) when he turns 3. Oh well, least I can schedule it for one of my non-working days. We will be saying a sad goodbye to Sarah, the lady who came to play with jack once a week. She is really nice and we will miss her (jack will really miss her Cars game). And move on to a weekly visit to behind SLVHS where Jack will play with new friends. I will do my best to keep tornado Luke out of the way!

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