Monday, January 12, 2009

Catch up

As always, it has been busy. Last week I had a week long training with nightly homework so i was eating, sleeping and breathing UCSC admissions. Jack got sick at school on Friday and I had to pick him up so I missed training and now have to make something up... Jack has been fine ever since with no more puking. Luke now is sniffling and I am starting to think that maybe he has allergies or life with him is going to be one giant coughing cold.

I never really do new years resolutions, but I thought maybe I would list what I want to do this year. My hopes for 2009.

1. Lose the baby weight. (isnt losing weight everyones resolution every year) I have 2 giant boxes of pre-pregnancy clothes in the garage. If I do not fit in to them by the end of summer I am just going to donate them to good will. I am going to try and eat healthy and get some exercise. I kind of think that my body has changed and I probably wont fit into them even if I do get back to my pre-baby weight. I dont want to beat my self up over it.

2. Learn to use my sewing machine. Recently, I got my grandmas sewing machine and I would love to learn to sew.

3. Do a garden this year. I think it would be fun to get the boys involved in watching the plants grow and maybe it might get them to eat some veges.. We have such a great sunny yard that it almost seems wasteful not to use it to grow yummy tomatoes. Tho if the deer are back it might not work out too well...

4. Take a family vacation to visit Grandma Honey and Grandpop Ron. I want to visit my best friend Jennie in oregon who I never get to see and her family along the way.

5. Use less plastic bags.

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