Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas eve

I have taken quite a blogging holiday. We have been so busy with my inlaws here and all of the christmas festivities that I have not been on line much. So I am going to start with xmas eve. We have a fairly new tradition of having my Dad, stepmom (Trish) and brother Jake over for dinner. I really like it cuz I dont usually get to see them much over xmas. I get to cook all day long and I really love it. This year was a very yummy year. But my dad couldnt come which was a really big bummer. I LOVE my dad and am a bit of a daddys girl, so I was sad that he couldnt come (he had a bad back). Thankfully, Trish and Jake still came for the dinner. We had so much yummy food. Roasted red pepper dip and cheeses from Trader Joes...if you have never had cambazola cheese before, you need to leave the computer right now and go out and buy some. It is amazingly delish.

We then had a salad course with apple cider dressing.

Our main course was a slow cooked ham that Loren used about 5 different recipes to make in the crockpot. It was awesome, but he doesnt know how he did it! Then cauliflower gratin http://find.myrecipes.com/recipes/recipefinder.dyn?action=displayRecipe&recipe_id=1853962
and Paula deens corn cassarole http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/corn-casserole-recipe/index.html
and yorkshire pudding with sage and bacon and last but not least mashed potatoes...Oh yeah, and then christmas cookies...I am still full.
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mom said...

Cambazola cheese!!?? How come you never told me about this before? I was just at Trader Joe's...
What does it taste like? Do you think Neal will like it?

stacief said...

It is like a camembert and a gorganzola put together. It is best when it has sat out for a while and softened up. Neal will like it if he likes blue cheese.