Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jack speech update

Jack had his almost 3 year old speech assessment. When he turns 3 he no longer qualifies for State services (good thing, cuz everything is being cut in the State) and will move over to the school district for services. He is doing really well with words, speaking and language. The problems are enunciation and social skills. He is really hard to understand and many things sound the bird and boat. His speech teacher thinks that she can really make progress on the enunciation in the next few weeks but the she feels that he needs more social interaction with kids. He freezes up around other kids (execpt Ryan) and does not talk. He does, however, talk to grown ups. I think that he is really, really shy around kids. He is definately talking more and that is very much a relief, but I was/am shy and it is hard to be a shy kid. I hope if we get him more used to kids, maybe that will help. It looks like if he qualifies for services, he will be able to go to speech therapy at SLVE and have a "class" of 3 other kids who work on their speech together. This will start the end of January.

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