Friday, December 5, 2008

Sort of happy Jack is back...for the most part

Jack is seeming to act much better. Not totally back to happy Jack, but he is heading to 3 years old so we can not expect him to be all that great. He is defiant in many ways, but not always like he was last week. I dont think that the poor guy likes change and we had lots of changes to his routine with the TG holiday. We had a good drop off at school today which always makes me happy.

Luke had his 15 month drs appointment and the poor little guy has a really bad ear infection. The Dr was amazed to see he was acting so great with such a bad infection. I got to see it and everything. It was pretty neat and looked very painful. He put him on antibiotics with the hope that when his ear gets better so will his cough and sniffles that he has had for 2 months... I really hope we can all get healthy for xmas and get some needed sleep! Luke is now on the small side at 21 lbs he is in the 10-25%ile. We are hoping once he feels better, he will be back with his normal exuberant appetite. Typically the kid can eat, unlike the birdy Jack. He is in the 50th%ile for height (I don't remember the number) so that is good. Poor kid took a header yesterday and cut his lip open with his teeth. We are not sure how he did it, but it was really bloody. I dont do well with blood but I think with these boys Im gonna have to get used to it.

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