Friday, December 19, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

This has been quite a week. Trying to finish up xmas shopping, start wrapping, getting gifts ready for work today, baking gifts, loren working late one day, it has been a hectic week. And I am not done yet!!

I will soon be posting pictures of a very fun xmas party we went to last Saturday at Uncle Bill and Auntie Kates. It was the third annual "kid" party. It used to be that we were the kids (me, L, Kates 2 sons and their wifes) but now it is all about the next generation. Jack, his best bud Ryan (Kates grandson), Luke and now Kenzie (Kate's granddaughter). Crazy kids every where. The first year was just Jack and Ryan but I was pregnant with Luke, but we were not telling anyone yet, so i dumped my wine down the bathroom sink to not look suspicious. The next year Luke was added to the mix, but at 4 months old he was not very mobile. This year all boys and a few dads were super rambunctious. Kenzie is just adorable at 10 months and next year will be in the mix with the boys.

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