Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wow, things have been very busy around here. Work is really getting in the way of blogging. We are really busy in the office and it is time to go out and do very least favorite thing in the world. Yesterday was UCSC preview day so I was smiling and making small talk from 8 till 6. Totally exhausting.

We are still decided in if we are crazy enough to take Jack and Luke by plane to Spokane for xmas. On South West airlines if you do not get an A boarding pass, then you have to board after the A group...Im sure Jack will just love to fly 3 rows down from me and L. And the airlines strongly recommend putting your kid in a car seat for the flight... can you image me and L carrying Jack, Luke, a car seat and various carry on bags thru the terminals to make a connecting flight. We have decided against the car seat.

And, my mammogram need "further evaluation". It says it most likely isnt bad or anything, but still a little nerve racking. Anyway, I am hoping to get some cute pix of the boys soon.

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