Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Captain Underwear

Every boy does it...puts the undies on the head and thinks that it is hysterical.
Jack is no different. This lovely pair of Thomas the Train undies has spent
more time on his head then on his bottom.
Potty training is not going well.

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Gramma Glor said...

You go for it captain. Your big cousin Jack in Port Angeles WA sent me a picture a while back of a red neck tank top made from a pair of tighty whities. It must be a Jack thing!!

Stacie this blog is so much fun.

I sure hope Loren decides to fly up here. It will give us more time with the boys.

stacief said...

apparently my husband hates to fly more then I thought. We decided to fly, but he is afraid that he wont be able to get on the plane. And, we are worried Jack might reenact the train incident and not get on.