Saturday, October 25, 2008

halloween practice

Last night we made the rookie mistake of telling Jack that we were going to have Halloween tomorrow after nap... He was up at 545am saying "Halloween, Halloween, Halloween". He would not go back to sleep. Least we know know not to tell him exactly when Santa is coming or he'll be up at 4am.

We went to my mom's for a saratoga halloween 3pm. It was a long day. Actually is was really great that L and I got to go to dim sum for lunch and my mom watched the boys.

Jack is very excited about the candy, and not so thrilled that we confiscated it. We let him have one of his choice after dinner and he went for the tootsie pop. He loves lolly pops and calls them popsicles. I think he ate it in 3 bites.
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