Monday, October 6, 2008

no nap

An hour into nap time, I went in to take a pix of Jack sleeping. To my amazement he was up peering out his bedroom window. He tried to lay down and play asleep when I opened to door wider. No nap Jack is not a fun Jack so I am hoping he does go to sleep.

This weekend dog sit was successful, but a bit tiring and no internet. For some reason the phone and dsl would go out for no reason. We spent a lot of time trying to keep Luke from breaking things and trying not to electrocute himself. The boy loves sockets, plugs and chewing on cords. Poor Penny dog had a rough time bumping in to the boys and their toys, but she seemed happy we were there. The house is nice and big for the boys to run around in and Sunday it was nice enough to go outside and play in the big yard.

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