Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy monday

Luke learned a new word...mine. Everything is "mine" "mine" "mine". He sounds like the birds in Finding Nimo when they are going after the fish. Well it is all "mine" and "momma" all day loooonngg. We have no concerns about his language development. We had his stitches taken out today and he was quite the champ. Looks like the is gonna have a nice scar.

Loren left today for his camping trip with his kids (school kids) so it is just me and the boys for 3 days and 2 nights. I miss him already!

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Gramma Glor said...

Well little Luke. You aren't two years old and you already have had stitches and a scar to brag about. I wish your great grandma Gayle was still alive to give your mommy some advice on raising little boys like you. You see, you are already travelling down the same path as your great uncle Wes. I'd send him down to help but he would probably teach you some new tricks you haven't learned yet. Hope the next few days are relatively quiet. Especially for your mommy. Love Gramma Honey