Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here we go again

After a rousing 8-9 weeks of sick grown ups - mainly my mom, but i was sick a bit in April - we are back to sick kids. I am really, really tired of sick kids.

Jack had a few moments of puking and feeling blah, then an earache, but luckily he does not stay sick long. Luke on the other hand is sick forever. Poor little guy had a fever for like 5 days and finally seemed to beat it just as his nose started to run... He still has plenty of spunk and follows Jack everywhere, but i cant image how it will be when he is actually in school. I hope he doesnt pick up every thing that goes around. This year should be building his immunity, right?!

Luke and I had a great day going for a walk (stroller ride) on West Cliff. We saw the surfers waiting for the waves, dogs playing in the ocean, birds and flowers everywhere and a few guys shooting up. Keep Santa Cruz weird.

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