Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still 60%

As some of you may know, I have been working a part time 60% schedule since I came back from maternity leave with Luke. Well, I did work full time for one very long month in July last year, but pretty much it has been the 3 day a week thing. I was supposed to be coming back full time June 1 (great b'day present). We have been talking about me quiting working and staying home with the boys full time cuz both of us full time would be really hard on everyone...Then we found out that it would cost us $600 to go on Lorens health plan which seems like a very lot.

Well with the budgets the way they are, I have been asked if I want to extend my 60% schedule thru the end of August and possibly go permanently part time. Yeah! My health care benefits are much cheaper - least for now. This is all great so long as Loren still has a job next year! Budget cuts are scary.

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