Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We survived

We made it thru Lorens camping trip with his school. Everyone is very, very happy to see daddy!

Jack woke at midnight on tuesday...puking his poor little guts out. He was so good that he called to me to say he was going to get sick and then waited till I got the bowl. We did this a few times through out the night... we didnt get much sleep and poor Jack was so lifeless on tuesday. It is so hard to see such an active little boy so clingy and weak. We watched lots of cartoons and he wanted me to hold him and give "lots hug kisses" all day. Luke was not amused at having to share his momma.

We are also now under attack by the ants. They are EVERYWHERE, but going no where so I can not tell where to spray to keep them out. The boys are really good at finding them (i suppose since they are so close to the ground) and stamping on them.

I have discovered that when loren is not here, I stay up too late. I watch lame tv and then read way too late into the night... I think cuz I figure I will be really tired and sleep rather then lay in bed and get freaked out by the night sounds. Felton has all sorts of night sounds like wild boar in the back yard, raccoons knocking over trash cans, "squirrels" in the attic and neighbors coming home late at night.

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