Thursday, April 30, 2009

And, expensive

Along with sucking...this past weekend is turning out to be expensive...

We had to buy another washing machine. 2 little boys = lots and lots of dirty clothes. I swear that I have seen them just wallow in the mud. Luckily, Trish got us a good deal on a floor model at home depot, but still not something we had budgeted for.

My sweet car... turns out that the breaks are completely shot too. So in addition to the alternator, an alignment and new tires we are looking at 1000.00, not budgeted either.

We paid the house painter, a lot, but it was budgeted. And, even if Loren doesnt like the color anymore, it does look nice to have the house all one color.

Now we need to take down 2 trees in the back yard. Never ever plant a box elm! They grow like weeds and have very weak branches and roots. We are in the process of getting estimates. The first guy who came out said that he would pass on the job because it is too difficult (not a good sign) The second guy said that it would be 3000.00 for 2 trees, not to mention the tree in the front we wanted trimmed up. I had never known that tree work was so lucrative.

And the ER visit...I would do it again in a heartbeat, but now we wait for the bill. We have a 50.00 copay which is fine, but now we must wait for the doctors bill on top of that. The first time Loren went to the ER I was very, very surprised to get a 2nd bill for the Dr. Not something that they tell you in the insurance pamphlets. The doctor was really great and made the whole process so much less painful then it could have been. (and loren got to see inside Lukes hand)

Think we can get another stimulus package cuz we did such a good job of spending our tax return and then some!

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