Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Attack of the baby snatchers

So, the other day Loren and I were noticing how much Luke has "grown up" in the past few weeks.

It is kinda eerie.

One day he was this little guy stomping around, not saying much other then screaming...and now we have a full fledged toddler.

Almost like a big boy. He looks older, less baby like.

He can talk, sort of, at least he can try to repeat what we say. (really got to watch the swear words now!)

And, he can run very fast.... He wishes he could jump, but hasnt quite mastered that yet.

He is very defiant. I am hoping it is just a stage!

He knows what he wants and doesn't do what you tell him to do, less he wants to.

He is a major climber and we are all really lucky that he has not gotten more seriously hurt. I feel like I save his life at least once a day and all deck chairs and some house chairs must remain on their sides at all times or you never know where you will find Luke.

Luckily, Jack is a bit of a tattle tail. I hear "mommy, come safe Luke" a few times a day. Today, he got up on the computer chair in the spare room and was batting at a nice picture on the wall. He had almost hit it off the wall as it was barely hanging by a wire and the nail was bent at a bad angle.

But he is really looking like a little boy, with longer limbs and a less chubby face.

And, he uses the potty!!! Well, he doesn't have much control over it, but he has no fear of peeing and pooping in the potty...unlike another little boy I know (sadly). Gotta get that diaper on right away after cuz he has no problem peeing on the floor. Thankfully, Jack does have control tho he doesn't want to use it.

Luke still has his snuggle bug tendencys and is still really cute ( I am his mom so I am biased), but I do miss his babyness too.

No more babies for us. Thankfully we get to sleep thru the night!
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