Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Winter at last!

Okay...so it is the middle of March...we knew it would have to come to an end.
Winter has finally arrived in Santa Cruz - especially the SC mountains.
I think we got 10 inches in this past storm!

While Lukes tball game was canceled...we went to check out the mighty San Lorenzo River!
It was a roaring!

I have no idea what goes on by this waterfall...looks like it is making power or something!

It was quite a wet walk to get there!

Glad I had my rain boots!
Love my new boots...I bought them last summer, and this has been my first chance to wear them!
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Anonymous said...

We got 6 inches of snow this week. The kids got 2 snow days then a budget reduction day and next week is Spring Break. Crazy weather. Loves J