Sunday, March 18, 2012 on to soccer


Luke was all rained out this weekend (rightfully so).

But soccer does not seem to care so much about the rain...
and rain it did all the way up till practice.

Thankfully it did not rain at practice, however it was freaking cold !
Even more then freaking cold, but I am not sure how cold that it, my hands were too numb!

Jack had fun and scored some goals...but they do not keep track.

Jack is one of the oldest kids as most are 4 and 5... he has a pesky birthday that makes him one of the older ones.  I learned today that I know nothing about soccer.  I guess I'll be learning more if he keeps wanting to play.  He did do really good, even if they do not keep score#

Did I mention how COLD it was....
Guess I need hand warmers for watching kid's sports.
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Gramma Glor said...

Jack, you're the man!!! You looked really good out there. Keep kickin kiddo!!! We love you! Grandma Honey