Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Luke's 1st hit in his 1st game

I promise that I will not be providing such detailed analysis for all of Luke's games...
but this was his first hit in his first game!  And he nailed it!

Of course, they are hitting off of a it isn't too challenging, but he did hit it hard!

The first time on base was a new experience and he decided to run around the grass line instead!
It was pretty funny, and now he know where the bases are.

Petey gave him a hard time on 3rd base with his batting helmet!

And he did score...crazy running and all!
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Anonymous said...

Way to go Lukey. We're super proud of you. Loves J.

Gramma Glor said...

WoooHooo Luke - What a champ. We are very very proud of our little slugger. Love and hugs Grandma Honey