Sunday, March 11, 2012

Opening day little league


We had an insanely busy day yesterday, and it was even more of a bummer that it was day light savings so that we lost an hour of sleep on our super hectic day.

We got to attend "opening day" for little league...and they do take them selves very seriously.
We arrived early for pictures.

Luke is the smallest player on the team, but I think one of the best players on his team!
(yes, I know, I am biased!)

After the pix, we had to listen to a lot of pomp and circumstance with old players...volunteers...
It was very loud and Luke (and all the teams) had to stand in a dirt field while all these big wigs yammered on...

We did run into Jack's best friend, Petey!

Luke is once again freaked out by Gigante...and did not go for a high five as he said he would!
It was loud, long and hot...I am really glad that Luke didn't cry, because he was a bit freaked out.
And, luckily I had Angry Birds to keep Jack entertained...I was wishing I had 2 phones so that I could play too!

Go Rangers!  First game is tomorrow night!
After opening day, we headed out to Owen's birthday party and then a nice night at
Auntie Kate and Uncle Bill's!
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Nonna said...

Boy, all that standing around. I guess that's what happens when adults take over kids' games. Poor Luke having to put up with that when all he wants to do is HIT THE BALL. Anyway he sure looks cute in his uniform. So cute! Poppy and I are certain he'll be a great player.