Wednesday, December 28, 2011

xmas eve

So, lately I have been a terrible blogger....
we have been so busy and i keep forgetting my camera.
I will try to make it up to you!
This is xmas eve!
The boys are making "snow" and  I am trying not to freak out because of the mess!

This is our well decorated house and we did get a visit this xmas eve from Santa on a fire truck!

Jack went on top of the fire truck and Luke was surprisingly afraid.

We always spend xmas eve with my in laws, my Dad, Trish, Jake and Diana. 
Good times and good food!

I must say that these boys are spoiled to death!


It was crazy with toys even before Santa arrived!

Dad with his video and rum and coke in a wine glass!
and the boys playing games along with the beloved light sabors!

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