Monday, December 19, 2011

Ginger bread house

We picked up this gingerbread house a week or so ago...and I was asked many times per day...when are we going to make it!  Finally we did!

They took the job of decorating very seriously!
As well as seeing how many candies they could get in their mouths!

Now all they want to do is eat it!  (And it really doesn't taste all that great)
I added candy corn to it because we have a lot left over from Halloween,
not very xmasy, but quite tasty!

It doesnt look all that great either, but it was fun to do!
I do need to work on my gingerbread decorating skills!

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Anonymous said...

I bought a gingerbread village for Billy and Katie to make Christmas Eve. It's kind of become a tradition now. Doesn't matter the age making gingerbread things are always fun.