Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WW: Christmas tree hunting

It is fun to go out as a family and hunt down our tree.
A tradition that started last year.
Loren had pretty much been opposed to the cutting of trees for decorative purposes...but the kids have cured him of that!

It was a beautiful day and I like to think we are helping the local economy at Crest Christmas tree farm

We hunted high and low and finally chose a tree that I promptly thought was too small...but what do you do with an already cut tree but take it home.

Loren put it up on cinder blocks and my grandma's tree skirt hides them.
Now the boys can have a train under the tree!

This ALWAYS reminds me of the last year we did this as a family when I was a teenager...
Found the perfect tree, put it on top of Neal's mustang, headed out on 17...
It got loose, fell off and got run over by a semi truck...
They went out and bought one a Longs or some lot that night, 
and we never cut down a tree after that!

Luckily, we have a van, so the tree is safely inside!

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Maggie said...

Christmas trees always seem to involve some drama. This year I bought what I consider an expensive tree stand...the only one to fit our new small tree. I realized a week later it LEAKS. Ugh. What a hassle.
Anyway, that's a really cute picture of you and Jack.

Anonymous said...

You titled these photos "Christmas Tree Hunting" and in the first photo it looks like Loren has a rifle slung over his shoulder while hunting those pesky Christmas trees. I thought it was funny. Loves J