Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy cat

Toonces, again.
That cat will find any new surface and HAVE to lay on it for awhile.
Yesterday, I found him in our extra carseat.
(we have 7 carseats for 2 boys...that seems crazy)
Toonces isnt doing very well. He walks crooked and falls down a lot.
But he does like to snuggle up on a warm lap (or car seat).

You can't quite see them, but Jack is showing off his hand stamps from gymnastics.
He loves gymnastics!
My uncle takes him and they get some bonding time and Jack is getting more confidence.
He also F I N A L L Y peed at school with out me or Loren being there.
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alicia said...

Cats are funny creatures. Congrats on the peeing milestone!

Rich said...

it took me a while to pe without Loren being around, too!