Sunday, May 2, 2010

The garden

Last year the deer ate my garden...this year my wonderful husband put up a fence.
Here we have 2 cucumbers and a green zucchini.

And here we have 2 jalapenos, a red and yellow bell pepper,
a pasilla and cubanero (mis-spelled)
and a tomato.
My Uncle turned me on to the cubanero pepper.
It is a wonderful sweet pepper that is awesome just cooked in a little olive oil and salt.

And here are 8 more tomato plants in a variety of types.
sweet 100's, green zebra, orange globes, aces, early girls, brandy wines.
I plant a lot because I know that they will not all make it, but I can hope because I LOVE tomatoes.
My wonderful husband also put in a drip system for me today...I am a lucky gardener!
I so hope this year the garden works...
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