Friday, February 26, 2010


Sorry, I just havent felt very bloggie lately.

The boys have been sick off and on and I am the one they must lay on all day in order to heal so I can not get anything done.  Then Loren got sick..

Luke is going thought a defiant, stubborn stage.  He doesnt listen, hits Jack and spends a lot of time in time outs...sadly they do not seem to bother him.  Last week before bed he stood on top of his crib, opened the window, knocked out the screen and proceeded to lean out the window (it is a pretty far drop to the ground.) This was the 2nd time he did this in a few weeks. Needless to say the boys were late to bed because Loren had to take apart the crib and put the mattress on the floor so that Luke wont try to fly. He does have his cute and cuddly moments, but I am hoping that this latest 2 year old stage will pass quickly.

Jack is done with speech therapy!  He still hates school and will not use the potty there.  He doesnt want to go to a different school, tho.  Our pediatrician  has never heard of a kid holding it all day long at school, yet potty trained everywhere else.  Hopefully he will grow out of it, but this has been going on for 6 months...he is such a creature of habit.  Jacks latest thing is exaggerating everything and quite a bit of crying.  Jack is getting better at monster truck wii even thought Luke took 2 big hunks out of  the steering wheel.

I am hoping for a mellow weekend...

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