Saturday, February 6, 2010


Guess who came to our house today...the Pacifairy.
It was not a welcomed visit.
Luke is really, really not happy about it.
He likes the present, but would rather have the pacifiers.
Funny, cuz he used to hate them as a newborn and I would sort of push them to keep him quiet.
Bad move on my side because he is really attached now.

He didnt nap very well, and I had to nap with him to get him to sleep.
Then I was stuck there as my arm was around him and he woke up when
I tried to get up. I did have a head ache, so it was nice to nap!
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maggie said...

Oh no, the Pacifairy! I was hoping she would never come! Maybe keep telling him that now he's like Jack, who doesn't use pacifiers. Although convincing that liitle guy of anything isn't easy. (He does eat kiwi now, I noticed...because Jack does??) Anyway, I hope he's over it by Thursday at my house. Poor baby.