Friday, February 5, 2010

Luke being Luke

I told Luke that he couldnt sit on the top of the couch...he might get hurt.

He doesnt really care what I think so he went on up while I was out of the room.

"Hi, Mommy" Luke says....

Jack is so intent on the tv that he is oblivious to the world!
The cat is not real thrilled that Luke is hanging out with him because he tends to pet him too hard and try to squeeze him. Not Toonces favorite thing.

I did eventually have to pull him off the top of the couch, but he got right back up there again. He beats to his own drum.
At least he didnt stand on the top of the couch, Which he like to do, so I figured he'd be okay. 

That boy sure does not listen, or really, he doesnt mind well.

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Anonymous said...

He may be difficult but damn he is cute. Be strong. Pick your fights wisely and all will be well. Loves J.